OSM revealed TimeDash


Time is a property of the universe and didn’t exist before that as said by St. Augustin. However we shouldn’t struggle with the unrivalled complexity of universe in order to allocate and measure the time of our resources in our projects. These measurements can be translated into efficiency and predictions. After all, time is money. Using convenient conventional assumptions humans measure time. Through hunan-friendly timedash you can create reports on time used and resources spent easily. And organise future work. With timedash we tend to relinquish the concept that one should be willing to abandon the idea of absolute time as said in 1905 by an unknown clerk in the Swiss patent office called Albert…


OSM new software

Discover The TimeDash

Taking control of work hours and monitor your business.

A software in a unique version easy to be used by private user or experienced project managers because it is based upon four fundamental principles: simplicity, flexibility, easy learning curve and the most important unparalleled interactivity with the user (adaptability – mobility – individual impact – esthetic friendliness).