OSM revealed RAT

Risk Analysis Tool aimed at project managers.

There are risks whether you want to go for a ride with your bicycle or participate in the expedition for the colonisation of Mars. You shouldn’t need a PhD to have a clear view of the risks you will face . Especially if you go for the bicycle ride. This is why we created RAT. To visualise , in a simple process the impact of the risks you will face and help you decide. RAT’s workflow allows users to easily organize and group risks where the application’s algorithm will quickly identify each risk’s impact and guide the user accordingly.


OSM new software

Organizing your project and team

RAT’s organization feature gives the user the power to team up with others and edit the same projects and risks.

RAT is a data based platform that offers knowledge, visibility and control over the risk monitoring of a project. The system combines information from different users and extracts them in graphs. Multi and pop-up pages philosophy to better monitor project data. Additionally, ability to access interface information through the extensive use of custom menu. Fully customizable UI and light/dark themes to adjust RAT to your preferences.
RAT core based on a new js framework specifically designed for the project. Responsive design using Angular and CSS3 technologies. Databases technology using node js and MongoDB.
RAT can support unlimited projects and users and combine them easily, while at the same time enabling you to calculate the potential risk at each stage of project progress.
Although the first version of RAT has just been released we are continuing to develop it by adding many new features.
We believe in RAT’s simplicity and usefulness. But dont take our word for it… start using RAT and tell us what you think!