We Make succesfull projects out of excellent ideas.

Optimisation of treatment with off-patent antimicrobial agents of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).

Development of multifunctional Thermal Barrier Coatings and modelling tools for high temperature power.

Lightweight, flexible and smart protective clothing for law enforcement personnel.

Funcionalised innovative carbon fibres debeloped from novel precursors with cost efficiency and tailored properties.

A novel process for manufacturing complex shaped Fe-Al intermetallic parts resistant to extreme environments.

Biobased self-functionalised, self-reinforced, composite materials with high mechanical performance (impact strength and stiffness).

Modified cost effective fibre based structures with improved multi-functionality and performance.

Smart by Design and Intelligent by Architecture for turbine blade fan and structural components systems.

Recycling of multilayer coated and painted textile and plastic materials

Functional and advanced insulating and energy harvesting and storage materials across climate adaptive building envelopes.

Open Source Management

Everything is a Project