Technological Educational Institute of Sterea Ellada

Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida (TEIC) belongs to the public higher education system of Greece founded in 1983. It is located at the area of Psahna, about 12km north of Chalkida in the greater vicinity of Athens. The TEIC has two Schools namely, the School of Business and Economics, and the School of Technological Applications. The School of Technological Applications consists of five departments: General Department of Applied Sciences, Department of Aircraft Technology, Department of Automation, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Approximately 12.000 full-time students are currently enrolled at the TEI of Chalkida attending academic courses or carrying out their practical training. The academic staff comprises about 70 full-time and 30 part-time members supported by 70 administrative staff members. The institute is oriented towards applied science and research therefore has been involved either as co-ordinator or as a partner in many RTD EU-funded and numerous national projects related to innovation technologies (e.g. Cooperation Across Europe for Cd(Zn)Te based Security Instruments (COCAE). Laboratory of Chemistry-Materials Technology of the General Department of Applied Sciences of TEIC team headed by Assist Prof. V Stathopoulos consists of 3 academic members, 1 lab technician, 1-2 visiting lecturers yearly appointed and 5 researchers. Groups’ research under V.Stathopoulos is related to:: Environmental ceramics, oxide materials (micro/mesoporous materials, electrolytes, catalysts, membranes) synthesis by solid state or sol gel methods for controlled micro and/or nanostructure, Synthesis and shaping of solid oxide fuel cell materials (membranes), Controlled porosity, micro and/or nanostructure (e.g spray drying), Heterogeneous catalysts synthesis and de-NOx reactions. Deposition and shaping techniques such as extrusion, tape casting, spin/dip coating, spray drying, pelletizing, RF sputtering, thermal spraying have been utilized. V.Stathopoulos has a long experience in the management of projects with partner’s budget exceeding 3.2 MEuros. He is currently member of the Research Committee of TEI of Chalkida and scientist in charge in one EU, one National project and private research contracts. He has participated in more than 15 R&D projects funded by the EU, the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) & industry on ceramics/oxides materials science. He is author of 23 scientific publications, over 50 presentations in conferences and several technical papers in the private sector where he headed research activities as well as accredited laboratory testing services (EN 17025). Based on his earlier activity in the private sector he has also proven competencies in the transfer of technology from academia to industry.

Role in the project:

Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida will lead the project coordination of the project (WP9) and will participate in the development, characterisation and processing of top coat materials (WP1), bond coat materials characterisation (WP2), characterisation of coatings (WP3), will contribute in the study of the TGO properties (WP4). TEIC will be involved in scale up activities (WP6) and will lead in WP 7 for the technological assessment and verification. TEIC will finally closely follow the exploitation and dissemination activities of THEBARCODE (WP8).


Team possesses all required equipment for supporting THEBARCODE activities in synthesis, chemical, physical and structural characterization of materials, such as XRD, SEM, FTIR spectroscopy, high temperature furnaces, thermal analysis (TG/DTA/DSC), as well as shaping techniques such as small scale spray drying and several elemental analysis methods are also available (Flame/Graphite Furnace AAS, ICP-MS, XRF etc.) for impurities determination.

Key personnel involved:

Assist. Prof. V. Stathopoulos (team leader).

Visit Lecturer Dr N. Vourdas: Chemical Engineer, BSc Economics (>10 years experience in R&D in corrosion/coatings).

Assist. Prof. S.Depountis (material technology and quality control).

TheBarCode is financed by The European Commisions FP7 program for research.

FP7 NMP.2012.2.2-3 Advanced materials for high-temperature power generation” Sub-Scheme Selected: CP-SICA.