NUMECA International S.A (NUMECA)

NUMECA Int. is a Belgian SME (, with headquarters located in Brussels, active in the development and marketing of advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, grid generation and scientific visualization. Founded as a result of research activities carried out in the field of CFD at the Department of Fluid Mechanics of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), NUMECA has been growing steadily and has progressively gained worldwide recognition. Presently, NUMECA has over 85 engineers and PhD scientists at its headquarters in Brussels, and another 30-35 active in its worldwide network.

NUMECA is today an innovative provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services oriented for a large part towards the area of aeronautics, propulsion, energy. NUMECA is indeed heavily focusing its CFD software products FINETM/Turbo, the automatic grid generator AutogridTM and FINETM/Design3D, towards these markets. FINE™/Design3D is a dedicated and fully integrated software environment for turbomachinery blade shape optimization, developed by NUMECA and several industrial partners, largely in use with several turbomachinery and engine manufacturers

NUMECA has a broad experience with EU projects and is currently involved in several FP7 projects, such as ERICKA (optimization of cooled turbine blade components), ATAAC (on advanced turbulence models for aeronautics), FFAST (on Reduced Order Modelling techniques for aeroelastic simulations), VALIANT (on broadband aircraft noise analysis), IDIHOM (on development of high order methods for CFD).

NUMECA was the coordinator of the FP6 NODESIM-CFD project ( oriented at the incorporation of uncertainties in CFD simulations, by non-deterministic methodologies.

NUMECA was also involved in several recently terminated projects, such as DESIDER (DES methods for aeronautics), UFAST (on shock boundary layer interactions). In addition, NUMECA acted as coordinator of the ADCOMB-CFD Marie-Curie Project, related to combustion modelling, and is presently coordinator of a follow-on project COMBINA, oriented at premixed combustion modelling.

NUMECA has recently been awarded four CLEANSKY subcontracts, related to counter-rotating open rotors with the associated evaluation of noise, aeroacoustics and porting its CFD codes to GPU’s, within the SFWA and GRA ITD’s.

Role in the project:

NUMEA will support the partners with CFD evaluations, including Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT).


NUMECA has its own large cluster and has continuous access to a over 500 processors, for large scale simulations.

Key personnel involved:

Prof. Ch. Hirsch, president and founder of NUMECA, will be the Coordinator and official contact point during the project. Prof C.Hirch will be leading a group of experienced engineers in CFD evaluations.

TheBarCode is financed by The European Commisions FP7 program for research.

FP7 NMP.2012.2.2-3 Advanced materials for high-temperature power generation” Sub-Scheme Selected: CP-SICA.