Materials Industrial Research and Technology Centre MIRTEC S.A.

As of January 2012, CERECO S.A. and other two renowned Greek Technological Centres, Metallurgical Industrial Research & Technology Development Centre (MIRTEC S.A.), and Clothing Textile and Fibre Technological Development S.A. (CLOTEFI S.A.) with over 25 years of experience, merged in a new unified company named «Materials Industrial Research and Technology Centre S.A.» and titled MIRTEC SA. CERECO’s infrastructure, personnel and equipment are unchanged. The three merged companies present considerable complementarities in the activities of laboratory testing and certification of industrial products while in the field of applied technological research, the companies have achieved remarkable results and participate in many R&D projects. The new company is a multi-sectoral and multi-technological Center, active in Applied Research, Technological Development, Certification and Quality Control in a wide range of materials and products. The technological areas of expertise include: Technical Ceramics, Thermal spray coatings, Nanotechnology, Conventional Ceramics and Refractory materials, Construction materials, Minerals & Powders, Metallic materials, Organic, fibrous and textile materials, Industrial by-products, Computer Modelling, Environmental control and protection. The company owns labs, accredited to ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 and provides integrated solutions to the Industry.MIRTEC’s personnel consists of 81 people of high scientific and technical background and considerable industrial experience.

In the frame of THEBARCODE, MIRTEC’s Division of Ceramics & Refractories, former CERECO, will be mostly involved. This division has successfully completed more than 100 National and European industrial research Projects and has fulfilled a considerable number of bilateral industrial contracts with Greek and European Industries and today is capable to produce in pilot scale, upon client’s request, a great number of innovative ceramic products for high-tech industrial applications.The laboratories are fully equipped to carry out high level research on every stage of the ceramics production procedure and a number of high technology analytical techniques are available for physicochemical, micro-structural, tribological and mechanical characterizations. Ceramic manufacturing facilities include, high-technology furnaces, powder synthesis equipment, and equipment for liquid chemistry routes and spray drying systems (lab and pilot scale production).Furthermore, Thermal Spraying facilities (APS, SPS/SPPS, VPS), a surface technology laboratory, an excimer laser micromachining system and an RF/DC sputtering system are also available at MIRTEC’s labs.

Role in the project:

MIRTEC (former CERECO) will mainly work on the characterization and processing of new TBC top coat ceramic materials (WP1), on the deposition of Bond coat materials with APS process (WP2), on the development and characterization of TBC coating systems using two liquid plasma spray routes (SPS/SPPS) (WP3), in scale up activities of selected suspensions/solutions for deposition of TBC coatings (WP6) and in exploitation and dissemination activities (WP8).


General laboratory equipment for powder synthesis and chemical preparation, plasma spray equipment APS/SPS/SPPS. Equipment for Physical, chemical and structural characterization of precursors, synthesized materials, solutions/suspensions and coatings: XRD, SEM/EDX, FTIR, TG/DTA/DSC, AAS, XRF, particle size analysis, surface area BET, viscometer, Zeta-sizer, image analysis, microhardness, scratch test, pull out test.For pilot scale production: ball milling barrel for suspensions production, furnaces, Sol gel reactor for solutions.

Key personnel involved:

Dr. Constantina Andreouli, MIRTEC’s R&D Manager with 20 years experience in technical ceramics and coatings and in pilot scale production of advanced ceramics, author of more than 26 scientific papers and inventor in 5 patents.

Mr. Elias Georgiopoulos with MSc in Metallurgical Engineering, expert in all thermal spraying techniques (APS, VPS, HVOF, SPPS, IJA-SPPS), in spray drying and in materials characterizations.

Dr. Paraskevi Oikonomou Chemical Engineer, expert in Ceramic powders synthesis/spray drying/suspensions/solutions/inks development and pilot scale production and in materials characterization.

Mr. Nikos Kanatsoulis with MSc in Chemical Engineering, more than 10 years experience in R&D and production management in the ceramics industry, responsible for R&D promotion and innovation transfer through Enterprise Europe Network.

TheBarCode is financed by The European Commisions FP7 program for research.

FP7 NMP.2012.2.2-3 Advanced materials for high-temperature power generation” Sub-Scheme Selected: CP-SICA.