National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli”(INCAS)

INCAS is the leading aerospace research institute in Romania, with more than 50 years of experience in aerospace design, numerical methods & experimental aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and aerospace materials. Applied research and technological development that is the main activity of the institute corresponds to innovations in aerospace technologies and materials; electronic mechanical-hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, experimental models in the aeronautical and aerospace fields, testing benches and installations, platforms and pilot stations, laboratory apparatus, devices and tools for the aeronautical industry. Exclusive installations for extreme conditions test adopted in the European infrastructure were design and conceived by our specialists. Products development performed at INCAS include: IAR- 93, IAR-99, IAR-705, BAC 1-11/ROMBAC. Currently INCAS is the leading design authority for the AeroTAXI sub-commuter scale CS-23 aircraft (12 pax.). INCAS has been involved in several national and international projects. Most relevant EU projects are: CESAR, AVERT, UFAST, SCRATCH, and CASH; EXPRO, IMAGE, EGEE, SEEGRID, HYDRA, ESPOSA. At the same time INCAS is a member of Clean Sky JU, involved in SFWA and GRA ITDs, 2010. Within the FP7 projects Hydra and ESPOSA, INCAS is implied also in the realization of some thermal tests by its own methodology.

Role in the project:

Leading characterisation of TBCs under extreme thermal conditions, application of highly demanding testing protocols of accelerated thermal shock, thermal shock testing, characterisation of TBCs; Technology assessment of TBC formulations and their performance.


Quick thermal shock installation QTS1 and QTS2; The installation of Tribology (roll-shoe) Timken type; Metallographic microscope ML8500; Optical microscope NEOPHOT 21; Scanning electron microscope JEOL JXA-50A; Sample preparation equipment-Delta AbrasiMet Manual Chop Cutter Buehler, SimpliMet 1000 Automatic Mounting Press, Beta Grinder Polisher & Vector power head; Press with hot platens “Carver”, Analytical Balance, Roaster Nobertherm – 1300°C, Carbonization oven-Barnstead -1800°C, Ultrasonic bath -Bandelin Sonorex, Ultrasonic installation -Ultrason 200.

Key personnel involved:

Ph.D. Phys. Adriana Stefan has BS and MSc in Physics Science at the University of Bucharest and Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering (2007) at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest. Head of the Materials Unit, she has more than 10 years experience in materials research for aircraft industry and a wide experience in morphological characterization of thermal barrier coatings (TBC) and functionally graded materials (FGM), physical testing (expansion and thermal conductivity tests) and thermal tests. She is also the person in charge for a FP7 Project “Hybrid ablative development for re- entry in planetary atmospheric thermal protection”- acronym HYDRA- FP 7- SPACE- 2011-1/283797- 2012- 2014. She is the sub-group leader of “Transports (aerospace and auto)” from NANOPROSPECT project – Nanotechnologies in Romania – prospective study.

Manoliu Victor. Graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry of Bucharest Polytechnic University and Ph.D. in tribology. He worked for 7 years in the industry and more than 30 years in research and development. His research interests have covered a number of areas and include composites, vitreous enamel materials, two type of protective layers homologated for aeronautic (turbo engine fighter) TBC structures, duplex and triplex, ceramics based on nano powders for co generative systems, SEM micro structural studies, theme design installation for quick thermal shock test. He has more than 45 publications, 120 participation in scientific contracts,10 patents in Romania, 3 patents abroad (USA,France,Switzerland).

Gheorghe Ionescu. Eng. ,is a senior researcher and he has over 30 years experience in tribology and materials science,with a wide research activity-participating in 73 scientific projects,27 published papers , 6 patents in Romania, 3 patents abroad .Main research interest is for aerospace materials, testing equipment,thermal shock and TBC materials.

Mihailescu Alexandru.BS in Physics Science at the University of Bucharest, MSc and Ph.D. degree in Applied Sciences and Nuclear Spectroscopy (2011) at University “Polytechnic” of Bucharest active in thermal shock tests and micro structural investigations.

TheBarCode is financed by The European Commisions FP7 program for research.

FP7 NMP.2012.2.2-3 Advanced materials for high-temperature power generation” Sub-Scheme Selected: CP-SICA.