TheBarCode Project

Development of multifunctional Thermal Barrier Coatings and modelling tools for high temperature power generation with improved efficiency.

TheBarCode will advance the efficiency of power generation in gas turbine processes by the development of advanced parts of significantly improved performance and software providing optimized process parameters.
Its aim is the development of materials, methods and models suitable to fabricate, monitor, evaluate and predict the performance and overall energy efficiency of novel thermal barrier coatings for energy generative systems. This will be done by radically improving the performance of materials “in service”, by the application of novel thermal barrier coatings. A significant improvement in energy efficiency and cost effectiveness will be achieved with structural design and computational fluid simulations.

TheBarCode addresses the following scientific and technological issues, which shall offer significant impact concerning successful implementation of energy efficient high temperature generation units.
New TBC formulations with long-term stability, more resistant under extremely severe operating conditions (e.g. creep, fatigue, thermal-mechanical fatigue, oxidation and their interactions) thus the maximum application temperature will be longer, leading to higher performance during energy generation.
Flexible and cost effective production systems based on thermal spray in order to realize patterned functional TBCs with improved properties.
Application of structural analysis, fracture mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) including heat transfer, fluid-structure interactions and conjugate heat transfer models for the development of detailed models for the operational performance and prediction of spallation and failure.
Environmentally friendly process using chemical formulations free of hazardous and toxic solvents.
Standardised thermo-mechanical, tribological and coating adhesion testing including thermal shock testing in extreme conditions (at a rate up to 70°C/second).

OSM is offering support in the field of exploitation, dissemination activities, market potential technology watch and web identity.

TheBarCode is financed by The European Commisions FP7 program for research. Τhis project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement No 310750.

Start date:  1 January 2013
End date:  31 December 2015
Funded under:  FP7-NMP
Overall budget: € 4 098 340
EU contribution:  € 2 921 550

Technological Educational Institute of Chalkida
Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
Clausthal University of Technology
Powder Metallurgy Institute
Institute for Physical Research
Plasma Jet s.r.l.
Element Materials Technology Hitchin
National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli”
Materials Industrial Research and Technology Centre
NUMECA International S.A
Open Source Management
NPO Saturn JSC

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