Iclimabuilt Project

Functional and advanced insulating and energy harvesting/storage materials across climate adaptive building envelopes.

iclimabuilt project aims to form a cross-domain business ecosystem combining the capabilities of different experts, building the connection between suppliers and users, based on the cooperation within interdisciplinary entities to support new product development/upscaling and testing, satisfy customer needs based on a case-by-case assessment of the underlying barriers of each technology, and eventually incorporate the next round of innovations in building envelope materials and technical systems. The goal here is to support the translation of research results into innovations and help small high-tech firms to scale up and cope with the continuous rising of technological complexity and by providing a Single-Entry-Point for necessary infrastructures and tools to test, validate and upscale new technological solutions.

iclimabuilt will do so with the aim to accelerate the development of additional leading-edge technology by focusing on:
• materials development (for improved thermal and functional performance of building envelope solutions),
• design and assembly of technical systems (fully customizable, flexible, modular and de-mountable aesthetic designs),
• monitoring and characterization strategies to support decision-making (fully monitored living labs and nonresidential nZEBs),
• dissemination and exploitation activities (increased market and societal acceptance of validated products through the testbed),
• refined and expedited access to financing solutions to reinforce the competitiveness and extroversion of SMEs, all translated to “6 building blocks” in the project.
Thus, considering the building as a system, a mix of measures tailored to specific regions and applications, their combination and synergistic integration is critical to attain the most efficient solution for the transition to sustainable buildings.

OSM is offering support in the field of exploitation, dissemination activities, market potential technology watch, web identity and data management.

Iclimabuilt is supported by Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. Τhis project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement No 952886.

Start date:  1 March 2021
End date:  28 February 2025
Funded under:  H2020-EU.2.1.3.
Overall budget:  € 16 431 777,50
EU contribution:  € 14 999 167,63

National Technical University of Athens
Technology Centre of Catalonia
Dresden University of Technology
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Research Institutes of Sweden
Institute of Science and Innovation
Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions
University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Granta Design Ltd
Hamburg University of Technology
Stratagem Energy Ltd
Fraunhofer Society
Polytechnic University of Turin
Technological Institute of Aragon
Cidetec Surface Engineering
Architect for future cities
TEGnology ApS
European Research Center for Design and Materials Technologies
Bergamo Tecnologie SP Z.O.O.
Open Source Management Ltd
Rubitherm Technologies GmbH
University of Birmingham
BioG3D – New 3D Printing Technologies
Leipzig University of Applied Sciences


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