I think there’s a RAT
in your project!

Risk Analysis Tool aimed at project managers.
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We Make succesfull projects out of excellent ideas.
We develop unique products aiming to further spread of open source software.
We are looking for new ideas by providing support until they are implemented.

Discover TimeDash

Taking control of work hours and monitor your business.
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Innovative materials

OSM participates in projects studying the creation of new materials.
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OSM participates in iclimabuilt project

An open innovation test bed for building envelope materials.
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OSM in Covid era

OSM designs and supports the Portal for the Holistic Management of Sepsis.
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3D Simulation

OSM provides the ability to model, simulate and visualize future products.
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Few months left to release the OSM’s new software.
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OSM in Green Revolution

OSM supports the vision of REFARM for the sustainable agriculture.
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